Benefits of Vinyl Wrapping Your Vehicle

A lot of car owners nowadays are choosing to wrap their cars instead of repainting it. This is because there is a big difference in the costs and cars can be wrapped by either average or trained professionals. The most important benefit wrapping can give is the amount of time needed to complete the car wrapping versus the effort and time exerted to paint an entire vehicle. For a whole painting job, your vehicle couldn’t be used for up to a couple of weeks. However, when you decide to vinyl wrap your car, you can be able to drive it again the next day. In this article, you will be able to learn some of the many benefits of vinyl wrapping your vehicle.

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Vehicle Vinyl Wrapping Benefits Summary

  1. Paint protection
  2. Car customization
  3. Ability to change color
  4. Lack of downtime for the vehicle
  5. Increased resale value of the vehicle
  6. Unique textured films that cannot be duplicated by paint

Vehicle Wrap: What Is It?

A vehicle wrap is referred to as a conformable large vinyl decal or graphic that is directly applied over the vehicle’s existing paint. Vehicle wrapping allows you to change the overall look of your car very quickly. Painting your car can be messy, difficult and very expensive. This is the reason why it needs professional equipment, physical shop and a skilled painter. On the other hand, vehicle vinyl wrapping can simply be done by anyone, yet it is strongly recommended that a certified jacks vinyl wrap installer should be hired to wrap the car in a controlled environment.

What is the Process of Vehicle Wrapping?

The first step in vehicle wrapping is to come up with a wrap design. You can simply choose a solid color, a digitally printed image, or even a textured film like a carbon fiber or brushed aluminum. For digitally printed vinyl wraps, you can select from standard template designs or you can even make your own personalized design. With vinyl car wrapping, you can let your imagination set free and come up with a jaw dropping design that represents how unique and stylish you are as a person.

Once you already have your chosen design, your wrap installer will print and laminate your vehicle wrap and then he will apply it to your car.

Wrapping Options

Vehicle wrapping options are totally endless. You can do accents such as windows, door handles, mirrors, or even full car color changes.  With a partial wrap, you can merge existing colors of your vehicle into your proposed design. Partial wraps are considered a great way to spice up your car for a very affordable price. And the good thing about it is that you can always add more details whenever you want to. There is also an available special perforated vehicle window film which has tiny holes and can be applied directly to the windows but can still provide good visibility to the passengers and drivers from the inside of the vehicle.



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